Lash care instuctions

Our Luxury Mink StripLash Collection "PoshWinks" are made with 100% genuine mink fur that are hand comb and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability in every lash. Our lashes are beautiful and can be gently washed and reused. PoshWinks Luxury Mink Striplashes would enhance and define your eyes, giving you the elegant, voluminous or natural look you desire.

Mink Lash Care:

When removing your mink eyelashes make sure to be very gentle. Slowly pull as the glue lifts. Once you have removed your eyelashes PLEASE make sure you remove any glue from the eyelash band so they will be ready for your next application. NEVER soak eyelashes, but lashes can be gently cleaned with a q-tip and baby shampoo. To much will ruin the lashes and also ruin the curl and quality of the fur. Store your eyelashes in protective case to protect them from any damage, dust or bacteria and to make sure they maintain their shape. Mascara to the eyelashes can ruin the hair. When applying mascara you should apply to your natural lashes before applying your mink lashes.